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Tried and True

Our Tried & True Portfolio (coming soon)

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Ken Hayden has been working full time in the Ontario wine trade since 1995.

Over the course of these years he has sampled product from many wineries, some of which consistently market a quality product, regardless of the growing conditions.
Unfortunately, a large percentage of these fine wines never see the light of day in Ontario. The 'pedigree' might be there but, for reasons that remain entirely unknown as the LCBO does not divulge actual reasons for refusal, some deserving product might never make it onto the store shelves. 
Appellation Wines has elected to slowly introduce wines that we feel qualify as Tried and True offerings. Other wines, as yet not in the market, may be purchased as a private order.
Kindly take a moment to look over the following options, by country and region, bearing in mind that many of the wines on offer, as is the case with our entire RAW portfolio, are not 'mainstream'. On the grounds that the minimum legal order is 1 case, we invite you to order and, if for whatever reason, upon first sampling the product, it is not to your satisfaction, Appellation Wines will refund or credit you the difference.
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