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What are Consignment wines?

Consignment Wines are, in essence, private order wines. The Specialty Services Department at the LCBO facilitated the formation 25 years or so ago of a separate division whereby agents, licensed by the AGCO, could introduce and market wines that are unavailable on the shelves at the LCBO. As our monopoly has only a finite amount of shelf space, consignment wine agents can now provide an increasingly larger number of wines to licensed restaurants and wine enthusiasts alike, so long as the interested party understands that all products are only available in case lots. It should also be pointed out that, legally, agents are only permitted to solicit sales on behalf of the LCBO. We do not sell but rather serve as intermediaries between the client and the Liquor Board.

How does one order Consignment wine from Appellation Wines?

The process is really quite easy. Simply call, e-mail or order online. We require your name (company name in the case of a licensee), complete address(es), telephone and fax number(s), e-mail address, license number (if the product is being resold). Once your order has been placed, we make every effort to deliver it to your door within 2 to 3 working days. An adult must be present to accept the product otherwise we will not deliver.
Please note that Appellation Wines only solicits and delivers orders in Ontario. Wine destined to towns outside of the Greater Toronto Area may take longer. Minimal delivery charges may apply for such orders. Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions pertaining to ordering or delivery.

An agency fee appears on the Appellation Wines’ invoice. Why are we being charged for what appears to be an additional fee?

Every wine, represented by an agent, offered in the Province of Ontario has a built in markup included in the price. By law, the Consignment agent’s markup – which, in essence amounts to our gross margin (to cover our expenses) – should appear on the invoice. Every effort is made to keep these fees to a minimum to ensure that our client gets the best price possible.

What is the minimum one might order?

For Consignment wines, the minimum order is 1 case, be they 6 and/or 12 bottles. These wines are traditionally kept in stock or, failing that, are in transit.
For wines labelled Private Order under the price heading the minimum order is 1 case. These wines are not regular stock items and are only ordered when requested. Please note that a 25% deposit (of the selling retail price) will be required before placing the order with a supplier. The balance is payable upon receipt of the order.

I’m looking for a specific wine that isn’t available at the LCBO. How do I go about finding it?

You may have just tried a wine that really appealed to you. Assuming additional information, aside from what’s on the bottle, is unavailable at the source, the LCBO provides an info telephone number (416-365-5900 or 1-800-668-5226) to help you locate the product in case you wish to order it.
Alternatively you can e-mail in your query at or search online at and follow the prompts. If, on the other hand, you wish to order a case of wine as a private order, simply call Specialty Services at (416) 864-6739 and provide them with as many details as possible. In either case, the more information that you provide regarding the product sought, the better your chances are of sourcing it.