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Experience the unfamiliar world of wine.

Appellation Wines is a registered Ontario based wine agency whose primary focus, until 2018, was to seek out and offer affordable single varietal wines made solely from obscure indigenous grapes that impart incomparably distinctive aromas and flavors.

Recognizing, over time, that there was increasing demand for non-mainstream wine options, most of which remain unknown, a new project dedicated to the global promotion of obscure varietal wines was founded in 2017 - Autoctovino.

What sets these fine indigenous wines apart is that the grapes are grown exclusively in very select locations (at times only one winery). In many instances, the vines on which the grapes grow were, until recently, all but threatened with extinction, lost, forgotten, overwhelmed by undergrowth, or overlooked by human neglect; only to be recovered by research or happenstance.

Production, in these times of standardization of food products, is so limited in many instances that these wines are seldom exported. Some of the small family owned wineries that produce these products are totally dedicated to preserving and promoting rare autochthonous wines (RAW), thus giving them a new lease on life.

Appellation Wines’ objectives

Passionate though we may be of our RAW portfolio since we first began to introduce it in 2010, we haven't nor do we intend to lose sight of the customer base that has supported us from our inception in 2000.

Along with our RAW portfolio we also offer product in three (3) additional categories, all of which you are cordially invited to view by clicking on the corresponding Portfolio Category above or below.
What we offer

  • An incomparably distinctive selection of affordable indigenous single varietal wines that not only broaden your horizons but will offer you and your friends, guests and/or patrons unique options.
  • An assortment of wines for everyday use or special occasions
  • Unique, at times exclusive, options/gifts for wine loving enthusiasts
  • Risk-free purchasing
  • Delivery service within Ontario