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Vintages (LCBO)

Collaboration with Vintages (LCBO)

Appellation Wines has elected to focus and offer product from 3 totally unrelated niches, catering to altogether different markets. We do recognize that our clients do, on the whole, seek good value for the money. Who best to offer good value for the money than the LCBO. The Vintages division at the LCBO, which offers a premium product line, introduces a varied selection of wines from existing and new wineries every second week. Appellation Wines is an active contributor to the selection that Vintages offers to its ever growing client base. The criteria to arrive at the final selection is, in many cases, quite involved. Hence the decision making process virtually assures very good quality. 

The ever changing Vintages selection on this site may be viewed for availability on followed by the name of the wine or winery name. Clicking on the corresponding wine will introduce a link ( find store) which will inform you where the product in question is available and in what quantities. 
Note: These bottles are available at Vintages by the bottle. Minimum deliverable order is one (1) case of this product.