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Join Us In Our Quest for
Rare Autochthonous Wines

 A brief historical overview

Grape growing and wine production have existed in Europe for more than 6000 years.

Grape varietals, to cite but a few causes such as naturally occurring mutations in the vineyards or devastating diseases that have spread far and wide, have been introduced or have disappeared over the course of these millennia in countless numbers.

As a visitor to this site there's every likelihood that you are familiar with many of the popular grape varietals that are presently available in this market.

We at Appellation Wines have been pleasantly surprised, as you will be, of the number of distinctive rare autochthonous wines (RAW) presently produced in isolated geographical regions and, as such, invite you to experience these unique and affordable products that are seldom, if ever, available in this market.

As experiential purchases are said, for the most part, to evoke more happiness than material ones, these wines will provide you with a sensory experience that will be rewarding long after the bottle contents are consumed.

A quick analogy – for comparison purposes

Chances are you are familiar with the taste of a McIntosh apple but, as we seldom come across a Cox’s Orange Pippin apple, few of us would have an appreciation for such an unknown fruit though word has it that it is very flavorful.

Wine produced, for instance, from the Forgiarin grape varietal grown solely in two villages in Friuli, Italy offers a distinctively different, and might I add very pleasant aromatic and flavor profiles, as compared to that made using the familiar Merlot.
Feeling adventurous? – RAW (Rare Autochthonous Wines) Portfolio 
NOTE: Minimum deliverable order is 1 case (6 bottles/case). Regrettably mixed cases are not permitted.
Appellation Wines invites you to sample.
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